Advantage of using Washable Underpads

Advantage of using Washable Underpads

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Managing incontinence can be painful and expensive too. Washable incontinence products have been designed to a high standard over time. Whether you are looking for washable incontinence pants or washable incontinence pads and bedding, Dignex can be the best option to Buy Washable Underpads at a cost-effective rate.  It is imperative to note that washable incontinence products might not be suitable for everyone. They are not recommended for the people with massive urinal loss as the capacity of the fabric to absorb large amounts of urine is insufficient.

Washable underpads can be used in two different ways, namely:

Alternative to a Body-Worn Pad:

The underpads can be used in case you have bladder leakage and don’t prefer a body-worn pad. For the people who don’t like wearing incontinence pads, washable underpads can be useful alternatives. These types of underpads are helpful for people who avoid wearing body-worn pads and briefs. Use these underpads in sofa, couches, beds to prevent the stain and spills.

Backup for Body-Worn Pads:

Using washable underpads as a backup with body-worn pads can provide reassurance that your mattress won’t get stained and dirty. Also, as a washable product, it can reduce your laundry burden. In case you are suffering from severe incontinence problems, using washable underpads can be very helpful in preventing leakage and odor. You can Buy Washable Underpads from the store or online, depending upon your convenience. Buying incontinence products from Dignex might help you save a lot of money and time. To ensure the overall satisfaction of our customers, we also provide a free sample to the clients. After using our product, you will not believe in any other

Some Important Facts about Washable Underpads: 

  • The Washable underpads are commonly known as washable sheets or bed pads.
  • Majority of the underpads are designed to cover the mid-portion of a single bed although you can also order the one for covering the more massive bed.
  • They are created using similar material as of washable body-worn pads.
  • Washable underpads for incontinence protection come with and without tuck-in wings or anti-friction backing to prevent them from misplacing.


The Washable Underpads have waterproof support built-in, and a separate waterproof sheet placed below them to prevent leakage through the pad onto bedding. Besides the fact that washable underpads are cost-effective, they are also bio-degradable and environment-friendly. When used in a nursing home, underpads must be washed at higher temperatures to make sure that pathogenic organisms are destroyed, and the risk of cross-infection is ZERO.

At Dignex, we use materials that are environment-friendly in nature, for manufacturing the underpads and incontinence products.  If you also believe in buying the best quality washable underpads, feel free to reach us at (657) 206-2800 or drop your queries at info@dignexnow.com. We have our dedicated customer care team to make sure that every question of our customer is answered on time.


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