Urine & Fecel Needs : Both
Back Sheet : Breathable
Absorbency Level: Upto 1400 ml

Incontinence is not a disease rather a health condition faced by several people, it can be managed and treated. Dignifi Protective Underwear helps in managing the leakage of both urine as well as fecal. Read More

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The underwear is breathable, comfortable and offer Normal Level absorbance rate which absorbs liquid between 900ml to 1400 ml depending upon the size of the underwear. It keeps your skin dry and free from odor for longer hours without the fear of leakage.

  • Super soft cloth-like back sheet material created is used for ultimate breathability and quiet discreet comfort.
  • Easy to use. The re-fastenable tape tends to allow perfect fitting and keep the brief intact throughout all the night, even if you move like a clock in your sleep.
  • Ultra absorbent polymer core design offers ong-lasting dryness and controls the odor.
  • Premium “Blue Core” acquisition layer further adds protection by efficiently drawing moisture away from the skin and protecting it from any side-effects such as rashes, by equaly distributing the full etc.
  • Inner Leg Gather feature ensures secure protection against any leaks and keeps you spot free all night long.
  • Outer Leg Gather feature provides a feeling of comfort and confidence along with ultimate protection..


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