Reasons Why Adult Diapers Are Better Than Urinary Catheters

Reasons Why Adult Diapers Are Better Than Urinary Catheters

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Reasons Why Adult Diapers Are Better Than Urinary Catheters

Urinary incontinence can you sleep and life like anything, considering you have to wake from sleep and walk towards the toilet at least or thrice twice. If it happens frequently, it hasn’t only left you sleep deprived, but also adversely affect your well-being and mental health. There are several other causes of incontinence like diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, prostate surgery, pregnancy, childbirth, or a temporary disease. In some cases, it worsens and become intractable, leaving the patient with just one option, i.e. incontinence management. There are different kinds of products to manage urinary incontinence including, Absorbent Overnight Brief, adult diapers, pads and urinary catheters.

A Urinary catheter is fundamentally a silicone penile sheath that is set inside the body of the patient as a cylinder, so as to purge out the bladder and gather pee. Its outside part is covered up underneath the individual’s clothing. This option is recommended when the patient experiences restricted mobility or is disabled for a particular time frame range. There are different sorts of urinary catheters, for example, inhabiting catheters, outside catheters, and irregular catheters.

Why Incontinence Diapers are Better than Urinary Catheter?


This problem is mainly associated with any type of permanent catheters. The leakage might happen due to bladder spasms or can occur while passing stool. One major problem associated with indwelling catheters, is the clotting of blood in the tube.

Urinary Tract Infections:

Typically, urinary tract diseases (UTIs) can be treated with antioxidants. It still influences your health and state of mind to a significant degree as long as it keeps going, since it tends to be very excruciating and mentally agitating. Since a urinary catheter is really a cylinder, it permits microbes to enter one’s body, which can prompt a disease in the bladder, urethra, or kidneys. A few manifestations of UTIs that outcome because of catheters are pain around your crotch or in your stomach, high fever, and shivering due to cold.

Injury to Urethra:

Catheters may injure a part of the urethra, while inserting. This is also a common problem among Alzheimer’s patients, as they tend to pull it out due to agitation. Also, the muscle of the bladder may contract or tighten suddenly, and may cause a burning sensation and pain afterwards. This often led to an urge to urinate which can be painful and problematic for anyone. They can be as painful as stomach cramps.

These are the ill-effects of catheters that make adult diapers suitable for use during incontinence issues. Dignex offers a range of Best Adult Disposable Diapers and adult pads that are designed to ease the life of incontinence sufferers and caregivers. To enquire more about our products and services, give us a call at (657) 206-2800. You can also drop a mail at info@dignexnow.com for a prompt reply. Our customer care team will assist you in any kind of issue you are facing in choosing the right adult diapers and incontinence products for sale.

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